Say Yes for the President

via Daily Prompt: Slur President: I don’t like this letter, it does not address the point. Minister: My Lord, There is no more disgust that one can go through than putting you in this position.I will get the letter re written, please tell me what is missing. President: How am I supposed to know what […]

2017 to Eternity

The year is 2017. Just another year, after this there will be 2018 and then 2019 and then 2020 and so on until in a 5 million years all the fuel in Sun is burnt out and the time would have finally ended for humans unless we found a way out. Like it or not […]

Weird Experiment

  Lucy¬†to her Husband James. who do you Miss more? me or her . Her referring to our daughter off course, she is 5 years old. James said if I were to cut my heart into half one half will be you and the other will be our daughter. Lucy talking to herself: I have […]

Serendipity of Chaos

Quote from President APJ Abdul Kalam “If there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in the character, If there is beauty in the character, There will be harmony in the home, If there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation, If There is order in the nation, […]