Dream Job


05:00 PM meeting on Friday to discuss month end balance sheet, before that get all the weekly statements of expenditure, expense and revenue. Then calculate the profits and loss for the month. One of Arnold’s many tasks as an accountant in a major bank.

Life was pretty good, or was it?

No criminal background, clean slate, no backlogs in degree and high flying academics. Atta boy, you are eligible for all the marquee courses in sciences, accounting and engineering, but there is a problem. Just like you there are million others who are vying for the same courses and then the job that requires the eligibility of completing the course and eventually doing something else at work.

Yo boy, you need something more. You need to join boy’s scout and then the military and then the orchestra and then the community service and then you will make a good candidate.

Alright said Arnold and he did all of them, in the same order and with great intensity, to finally land the job of an accountant to kiss someone else’s ass.

Arnold was pretty good at what he did, though he felt he was not able to go to the next place. Quarter and quarter passing by and his name for promotion was being pushed far and far to space. Arnold found it hard to see his friends climbing up the corporate ladder in their respective chosen profession. This just does not make sense.

I am not a prodigy. I have not followed the Malcolm gladwell, 10000 hours rule into doing anything. I hate to be in the same place, I want to grow, but somehow it just does not seem to happen at my work place. I know for sure, this just does not feel right, and that is why I am unable to innovate and do beyond what is required to be called excellent, exceeded beyond expectations.

And there was Arnold, at the cross roads, ready to make a decision. To hell with all this corporate world and growth structure, I don’t dig it. I have been patched up with this for a long time now, if I want to do the best of what I can then I will have to find what works me the best. And then Arnold, resigned from his work, along with lot of greetings of pity he got lot of caveats and bread butter advice’s from lot of friends and family on how he was throwing his life away.

Throwing away my life would be if I have to do that work again, something I am good at but not inspired by. Something I do not feel empowered by, something which is not challenging me in all dimensions, something which is not helping humanity in a way I want to and something which does not occupy all my consciousness.

Like a son leaving the house to find his destination, Arnold left not just his job, but also the city and all the people he knew. He wanted to find a new identity, the one which was not influenced by his past, pure and sanguine.


He was walking down the street of the new town, and the road was slowly leading to somewhere quite, as the sun was starting to fade away and nowhere to go, Arnold was savoring the moment. No pressure of future and no trepidation of past. He was a bird freed from it cage into a wild forest, where either he could grow stronger from the freedom available or die from the vagaries of the nature.

He heard something, a blues rhythm, mellow and sweet, which hits you a bit and goes away; you can’t bit and chew on it. He followed the sound which took him on many detours to finally land in a place which looked strange. Lot of cardinal spray paintings, bold, outrageous and secluded. There was an old man, fidgeting the rhythm of blues on his old fender strat, with the smoke of the cigar in his mouth, creating an aura of brilliance around his head.

Hello, I am Arnold, I heard your rhythm, it was nothing like I ever heard or radio, TV or internet. What is it, Could you please explain? The old man did not like Arnold’s gesture; this is not how things work in this part of the world. Not everyone is a friend and you cannot expect a stranger to come to your door and ask for the secrets of your life’s work. The old man just went inside and closed the door.

Arnold was disappointed for sure, but he also knew that he had to leave behind all that corporate business minded culture and the knowledge of past; he had to start from scratch. He had planned to work in nearby farm to help grow rice and in the meantime he decided to research on the old man.

Note: this is a short story of fiction, and the character could be anybody and this should be treated purely as fictitious. The story will be followed up further, please wait.


Whatever it takes


Minute 1, gets in between 2 players zooms past them, he is fouled from behind

Minute 11, 30 yards from the goal, he dribbled with pace at the defense, once again body tackle from the back, foul and free kick given

Minute 13, he got the pass, defender right behind, his speed and imagination is such, a quick turn and he was gone like a wind. The defender could not fathom this so he clipped his ankle. Unnecessary foul and rightfully yellow carded. The play resumed.

Minute 15, received short pass towards the end line of the right, just in front of the half line of the 105×68 meters stadium in Barcelona called Nou Camp, he tried to hold and run past the defender in front, but the defender had another idea. Sergio Ramos rammed into him mercilessly, intentionally blunt and unnecessary foul on the smallest player on pitch. Bad foul, but he continued after the brief interruption for the foul from the referee.

He was the best attacking player for Barcelona that day, who would go on to became the one of the youngest player ever to score for them and the greatest player of not just Barcelona but the world has ever seen. It was clear up until now that the only tactic the opposition had in their mind was to break his leg whenever the opportunity presented in a smart and tactical way that will not get the defender red carded and suspended from the match. That tactic worked shamelessly for most of the match, but that did not stop him for once.

After every foul, he woke up as if nothing happened. No memory of pain or malice towards the in humanness shown towards him. He did not care. He wanted to win and every time he had the ball, he had the opportunity to show why he was the greatest. Normal people under his circumstances would either be injured or faded. Their confidence broken, energy consumed and belief shaken. But nothing happened to him. He was as fresh as he was at the start of the game. Clear in mind and clear in body. Not clinging to the past failures, pushing himself each moment over and over again. Process excellence, continued persistence, fair competence, novel imagination and unmatchable performance, few of the superlatives to describe a man who will not understand a word of it because he doesn’t speak English, forever hiding his secrets to the western world.




Things changed at half time, the coach realized their best player is not effective on the right, other than drawing many fouls he did not make any telling contribution, so the coach shifted him to the middle. Things were not much better, as the opposition found it easy to stifle the attack.

90th minute (the final minute of the game), long field ball to Henry from the mid field on the right who runs for few yards and then squares the ball to the center box, 20 yards from goal. There comes the man haunted with fouls for the whole evening with blistering pace to fetch the ball. He manages to slow down just in time to control the ball with his left foot, in front him was the best goal keeper of the coming decade, standing as tall he could make of himself, but he is unable to stop what happens next. Delicate chip shot from the man over the head of the goal keeper, a shot that looks so beautiful to fool the onlookers for the level mastery that is needed to execute that shot at the highest level. GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Since 2003, FIFA has made the rule stricter in terms of Goal celebration. Removing shirt while celebrating constitutes a foul and yellow card, but that did not matter to him. He removed his shirt and ran back to the team dug out to celebrate the goal and the moral victory against his bitterest rivals.

Sorry for such a long digression. The protagonist of this story is Lionel Messi, and the soccer match was Barcelona vs Real Madrid, 2008.



Underneath the layers, behind the walls
Deep into the minuscule
There is order and symmetry

Higher above
At the edge of sight
There is color and pattern, hard to replicate

Service unconditional
Paramount strive
There is a state of flow

Ornate surface, elaborate
Intricacy confounding
There is a fragrance never seen

Gargantuan size
Egregious power
There is purpose inside

Note for note in key
Creation semblance of emotions
There is ingenious harmony

Pedantic observation
Grit and courage to provoke
There is revelation to be found

Experience given
Wisdom to be taken
There is a road less traveled


Leave it one me


You see the world with partially open eyes
Unable to perceive the depths
Leave it on me for the guidance

Watch the colors
Bright, vivid and different
Leave it on me for the variance

Pain and the joy
Longings and the having’s
Leave it on me for the balance

The effort and the fruit
Sighting and the craving
Leave it on me for the fairness

The me and the him
Right and the wrong
Leave it on me for the conscience

The hope and your despair
Never ending turbulence
Leave it on me for the calmness

The do and the not done
Question mark of the question
Leave it on me for the completeness



Godean is the white

Devdean is the black

Devdean: Godean, you have always undermined me. You always keep telling people white is better and black is worse. Black does not mean it’s bad. Black is a void, the absence of light. Perfect Black is the most unreachable state. You see light everywhere here, but most of the universe is black, there is nothing. All the space that you crave for, even the atom is mostly empty. You have been spreading misnomers over and over about me, swaying people away from the truth, never really understanding me. You are a traitor.

Godean: Sorry brother, I do not comprehend, what you are talking about?

Devdean: Don’t call me brother. You are a cheat. You have rigged everything. Aren’t you the one that says negative is bad, even though all the energy that people are using is through a phenomenon of electricity, which is mainly the movement of negative charge, the electron. All the compounds and materials that you have are possible only through the exchange of electrons, the negative charge. The electron that has to constantly move around the atom to escape the influence of positive, yet the positive is always stable, sitting around and doing nothing.

Godean: Your scientific knowledge is quite impressive, what has this got to do with your accusation?

Devdean: Look at you playing, innocence. It doesn’t quite suit the pretentious drama that you seem to put up all the time. If you want everything to be right, why don’t you tell people what is right than blaming me for all the wrong things in the world.

Godean: If only I could do that I would do it. It is the responsibility of everyone to cross the chasm and get across the Styx, people have to make that journey, I cannot teach them that, for I will be committing a perjury.

Devdean: You know for sure, humans are fallible and many would not make that journey, then why do keep prophesying your quixotic ideals to the modest, this applies even to the most noble, they are lazy and corrupt.

Godean: I am afraid; I do not have the answer. The world is run by far more powerful force, even more powerful than you and me. I am just an ancillary, whose job is to guard the house; I do not call the shots. For that matter even a lion is lazy after its stomach is full, an otter is corrupt when it cannot find the right things. Humans are not unique in that regard.

Devdean: yet you are clever to blame me for all the idiosyncrasies and obvious facts of life like death, ambiguity and nature. For everything that is wrong, blame me. I have become the bin for everyone’s garbage. The world is filled with unjustified expectations and anticipation. Everyone wants everything to be fast, better and nicer and guess what neither has their brain become faster, neither has their demeanor become well or the words become nicer. Always asking and asking, never giving and never working hard.

Godean: Do you have a solution or you’re just blaming me since others or blaming you?

Devdean: you know very well what I might ask and you know very well you would ignore that.

Godean: For the record, just make it conspicuous

Devdean: Singularity, let us all merge, lets become one, no more white and no more black. No right and no wrong, no production and no extinction.

Godean: you are saying, begin from scratch or end?

Devdean: end it

Godean: so that you can take vacation?

Devdean: no, so that there is no more bad blood on my end.

Godean: It is you’re job to take the hits and to make things right through your way. Do not try to remiss on your duties. You keep people on their toes. The possibility of bad makes everyone working out all possibilities and generally gets the best out of them. You drive people to work hard every day. You do not need any external validation. You provide the necessary balance to keep people grounded. You show them the difference. Only those who understand you would have made it in life.

Devdean: I am not eschewing on my job, I am saying this will never end and there must be a better way out.

Godean: There is no better way, this is it.

Devdean: aren’t you escaping from your job, saying so?

Godean: No, I know things are not perfect, and things can never be perfect. It is not about perfection; it is about doing what you can do, and trying to do the best. It is about making the most out of what you have got and helping others reaching their potential just like you did it for yourself. Be a tree and water other plants too. It is about persistence.

Devdean: I knew exactly this would lead this way. Always Utopian talk.Anyhow I got a job to do, many morons are acting deleterious and I need to teach them a lesson. I hope I do not see you soon.

Godean: I have my side of work too, bye.

The Sun says


The Sun says, come take my hand, for all its worth, everything needs me
Come, I am the life
Come, take my energy and manifest
Come, share my vigor with others
Come, be not afraid

My fire can light as well burn
Protect the fire
Lend the sight
Learn from the night

I burn all day long
On my side, run forever long
Run, run and run

I am the right and I am the might
You can see my sight all bright

Everything starts from me and ends in me
You are the beginning and the end
You are the now and there forever

Saturday Maxim


This is from a rare interview of Robert Oppenheimer
A scientist, whose work changed the course of history
Many are quite ambivalent of his success, which is the Manhattan Project
I will not go into that because that is not the intention of this piece
The gist of human accomplishments and the challenges of future can be construed from this tiny bit

Actual excerpt 

Question: How does an uninformed man stay relevant in an era that is so dominated by scientists and intelligent people?

Scientists may know a patch of something
An intelligent guy may know few more spots from other people’s work
He may be able to read a book
But his condition is a condition of almost everyone
This is that almost everything that is known to a man he does not know anything about it at all
Or knows it in a sketchy way
Because it has become complicated
The problem of coherent civilization, is the problem of living with ignorance
And not being frustrated it

The Voice


Hear me, you would not, I rather not say
You only see the badge and the pay

Most of the times I have the same ask, you ignore
Urgent requirements and you snore

So many sounds, lost in the noise
When the time comes, you have no poise

Not all heated coal turns diamond
Some just wither away, chastened

The said is said and haves are done
In the ubiquity of entirety, the identity of originality is none

Tuesday Maxim


From the remote corners of the void that cannot be felt, there comes something devoid of any matter or equivalence, that does not exist and yet that matters everything. Words barely touch the surface of the confounding depth, so deep that the conscious reboots itself when touched by the grace. What can you know, or why do you want to know? To know is an exercise in futility.

Life is now and now is life.

The illusion or reality is the practicality of survival. The real is subterfuge, Maya is the Queen. Waiting every second to mesmerize the puppet and to play him the way she wants. For he is a fool and forever will be, lusting for the immediate gratification.

Be without, for if you can. Castle without king or Queen, built out of nothing.



Uncharted, One thing at a time


What is Experience?

Experience is what you get, when you realize that world does not work the way you imagined it to be.

Why on earth you thought it to be that way before?

We all tend to develop mental models, right from very early age. Absurd as it may sound, many of those ideas and philosophies are from movies, jokes and various other apocryphal sources. At a early age you need an answer and you take what you get without validating it. The vicissitude of the matter is that these fallacious models are still with us.

Ironically, the model is designed in such a way as to reject all the non-conforming believes. So you will never get to know what you do not know or what you know is not right because the model filters it before it even gets to your consciousness.

Sometimes, when you are deep in thought, it may strike you that since none of the experiences are matching the model, it might be wrong. Most of the times, you may figure out it is wrong but since you do not know the right answer, you still fallback to the old model.


Close friend of Model is Habits. Some habits are chosen, some are not. My favorite example of habits is from Arjen Robben. He is a world class footballer, always believed to have had more opportunities never to have made it big. Intuition is everything is sports. You train day to build good intuition. Thinking is stinking. Thinking slows you down, which is why you develop automatic behaviors, through deliberate practice. However, few bad examples can build bad habits. Missing goal now and then at critical junctures of game creates a bad feedback loop, which can turn a good player into a permanent loser. I am citing Arjen robben, because he turned it around in 2013. Right at the nick of time, when familiar circumstance showed up, instead to falling back to his old actions of failure, he did something different. He made the right choice and scored the winning goal for his team, winning champions league for Bayer Munich, supposedly biggest achievement of his career. Trick is to recognize the trap and not fall into it, easier said than done.

That’s it for today, thank you reading