Uncharted, One thing at a time

What is Experience?

Experience is what you get, when you realize that world does not work the way you imagined it to be.

Why on earth you thought it to be that way before?

We all tend to develop mental models, right from very early age. Absurd as it may sound, many of those ideas and philosophies are from movies, jokes and various other apocryphal sources. At a early age you need an answer and you take what you get without validating it. The vicissitude of the matter is that these fallacious models are still with us.

Ironically, the model is designed in such a way as to reject all the non-conforming believes. So you will never get to know what you do not know or what you know is not right because the model filters it before it even gets to your consciousness.

Sometimes, when you are deep in thought, it may strike you that since none of the experiences are matching the model, it might be wrong. Most of the times, you may figure out it is wrong but since you do not know the right answer, you still fallback to the old model.


Close friend of Model is Habits. Some habits are chosen, some are not. My favorite example of habits is from Arjen Robben. He is a world class footballer, always believed to have had more opportunities never to have made it big. Intuition is everything is sports. You train day to build good intuition. Thinking is stinking. Thinking slows you down, which is why you develop automatic behaviors, through deliberate practice. However, few bad examples can build bad habits. Missing goal now and then at critical junctures of game creates a bad feedback loop, which can turn a good player into a permanent loser. I am citing Arjen robben, because he turned it around in 2013. Right at the nick of time, when familiar circumstance showed up, instead to falling back to his old actions of failure, he did something different. He made the right choice and scored the winning goal for his team, winning champions league for Bayer Munich, supposedly biggest achievement of his career. Trick is to recognize the trap and not fall into it, easier said than done.

That’s it for today, thank you reading


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