Snake in the Closet

There is never you, there is more of you.

If you were one person, how can you disagree with yourself? Why would you ever be dissatisfied?

Why would you care about the right?

Deep experimentation with mind does not yield answers, it only increases the questions. You can never find an answer to a question that is deep. You compromise, that is all that happens. If I don’t know something, I give myself an easier answer or forget the context. The mind that can create question can also erase it.

The answer is not good enough, the questions never stop. So what do you do? Follow the trend set by the society. Just follow. Do not ask if this is better. It is presumed it is, because you do not have a better philosophy and you have not proved that yet. So just be a good dog and follow the lead.

And then what? There is no other level to go this is it. I see no retrospect. All that is there, is here in front of you and all that isn’t is not meant to be now. You are here and that is all to be there.

If you can coalesce the multiple beings within you. Put them in a jar and mix them. If they can be one then the snakes in the closet will be none.

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3 thoughts on “Snake in the Closet

  1. I disagree with myself all the time. Sometimes it can takes weeks for the internal fighting to stop! My problem is… these fights are usually over the small and stupid things. I need to take more time on the big ones. Enjoyed your stream-of-thoughts!

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