Godean is the white

Devdean is the black

Devdean: Godean, you have always undermined me. You always keep telling people white is better and black is worse. Black does not mean it’s bad. Black is a void, the absence of light. Perfect Black is the most unreachable state. You see light everywhere here, but most of the universe is black, there is nothing. All the space that you crave for, even the atom is mostly empty. You have been spreading misnomers over and over about me, swaying people away from the truth, never really understanding me. You are a traitor.

Godean: Sorry brother, I do not comprehend, what you are talking about?

Devdean: Don’t call me brother. You are a cheat. You have rigged everything. Aren’t you the one that says negative is bad, even though all the energy that people are using is through a phenomenon of electricity, which is mainly the movement of negative charge, the electron. All the compounds and materials that you have are possible only through the exchange of electrons, the negative charge. The electron that has to constantly move around the atom to escape the influence of positive, yet the positive is always stable, sitting around and doing nothing.

Godean: Your scientific knowledge is quite impressive, what has this got to do with your accusation?

Devdean: Look at you playing, innocence. It doesn’t quite suit the pretentious drama that you seem to put up all the time. If you want everything to be right, why don’t you tell people what is right than blaming me for all the wrong things in the world.

Godean: If only I could do that I would do it. It is the responsibility of everyone to cross the chasm and get across the Styx, people have to make that journey, I cannot teach them that, for I will be committing a perjury.

Devdean: You know for sure, humans are fallible and many would not make that journey, then why do keep prophesying your quixotic ideals to the modest, this applies even to the most noble, they are lazy and corrupt.

Godean: I am afraid; I do not have the answer. The world is run by far more powerful force, even more powerful than you and me. I am just an ancillary, whose job is to guard the house; I do not call the shots. For that matter even a lion is lazy after its stomach is full, an otter is corrupt when it cannot find the right things. Humans are not unique in that regard.

Devdean: yet you are clever to blame me for all the idiosyncrasies and obvious facts of life like death, ambiguity and nature. For everything that is wrong, blame me. I have become the bin for everyone’s garbage. The world is filled with unjustified expectations and anticipation. Everyone wants everything to be fast, better and nicer and guess what neither has their brain become faster, neither has their demeanor become well or the words become nicer. Always asking and asking, never giving and never working hard.

Godean: Do you have a solution or you’re just blaming me since others or blaming you?

Devdean: you know very well what I might ask and you know very well you would ignore that.

Godean: For the record, just make it conspicuous

Devdean: Singularity, let us all merge, lets become one, no more white and no more black. No right and no wrong, no production and no extinction.

Godean: you are saying, begin from scratch or end?

Devdean: end it

Godean: so that you can take vacation?

Devdean: no, so that there is no more bad blood on my end.

Godean: It is you’re job to take the hits and to make things right through your way. Do not try to remiss on your duties. You keep people on their toes. The possibility of bad makes everyone working out all possibilities and generally gets the best out of them. You drive people to work hard every day. You do not need any external validation. You provide the necessary balance to keep people grounded. You show them the difference. Only those who understand you would have made it in life.

Devdean: I am not eschewing on my job, I am saying this will never end and there must be a better way out.

Godean: There is no better way, this is it.

Devdean: aren’t you escaping from your job, saying so?

Godean: No, I know things are not perfect, and things can never be perfect. It is not about perfection; it is about doing what you can do, and trying to do the best. It is about making the most out of what you have got and helping others reaching their potential just like you did it for yourself. Be a tree and water other plants too. It is about persistence.

Devdean: I knew exactly this would lead this way. Always Utopian talk.Anyhow I got a job to do, many morons are acting deleterious and I need to teach them a lesson. I hope I do not see you soon.

Godean: I have my side of work too, bye.


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