Saturday Maxim

This is from a rare interview of Robert Oppenheimer
A scientist, whose work changed the course of history
Many are quite ambivalent of his success, which is the Manhattan Project
I will not go into that because that is not the intention of this piece
The gist of human accomplishments and the challenges of future can be construed from this tiny bit

Actual excerpt 

Question: How does an uninformed man stay relevant in an era that is so dominated by scientists and intelligent people?

Scientists may know a patch of something
An intelligent guy may know few more spots from other people’s work
He may be able to read a book
But his condition is a condition of almost everyone
This is that almost everything that is known to a man he does not know anything about it at all
Or knows it in a sketchy way
Because it has become complicated
The problem of coherent civilization, is the problem of living with ignorance
And not being frustrated it


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