The Moment

You never know when you lose it, and then it’s gone.

Every now and then regardless of the situation you are in, you need to have a certain mind set and get, what the hell is going on, but all of a sudden you realize you lost it and now you don’t get it.

You are playing football with friends, it pretty serious, you are full of attacking intent and so you push forward. There is a loose ball, and you want to pounce on it but you don’t get it, then the opponent gets the ball on the counter with free on goal chance, yes, that is the at which you feel, oh my gosh.

You are hanging out with friends, everybody is making a joke, suddenly you realize that you are not speaking that much, you think you need to come up with something, and that something turns out to be offensive to someone and that someone continues to argue with you about that for the whole time and spoils the mood for others.


You are working on a problem, you are on full alert and then suddenly there is some noise and you lose it.

You are all calm, listening to music on headphones, standing in elevator and then someone just pushes you off in a rough manner, and you lose it.

You are having this amazing soup and then the mosquito falls onto to, you lose it.

You are sleeping nice, benevolent dreams, some idiot drops a bag on to the floor, and you lose it.

Sipping nice coffee, watching the front garden and then the crow comes and does its business on top of your car, and you lose it.

You are talking to a stranger, all is nice and then he/she makes a sexist joke, and you lose it.

Somebody hurts your feelings and you write on them immediately, and then you lose it.

Driving on the side lane, someone passes by and says something profane, and then you lose it.

You are in an interview, you are asked something you do not know well, you do not want to say no, and then you think, let me take a chance, you go with it, unfortunately, the interviewer is a pundit in that area, you can’t justify and then you lose it.

You are walking down the road in nice sneakers, you stop by for some reason near the grass, you do not realize you accidentally stepped on something gross, and then you lose it. 

Sometimes it’s easy to brush these off, but sometimes it can be very critical. If you are writing an exam and then you lose on one question your exam is screwed. In a surgery, cut the wrong vein, its over. Fixing a rocket and you do not tighten the screw well, 400 million worth of work burst like crackers. You are driving and then you lose on one curve, you are dead. You are flying plane and you lose on one knob then many are dead. You are thinking and then you lose on a nuke and a million are dead.

Be lucky to not lose it when the cost is high, the ultimate cost is always life, whether it’s one or many.


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