Every Body Lies and Every Body Dies

Hello everyone ,

Good Evening , Good Morning or Good Afternoon based on your time zone.
Today I will introduce you to my close friend the Feigned.

We both are so close, sometimes I wonder If I am the Feigned. Well thats for others
to decide. After All I cant lie to myself or Can I?

Sorry my friends if I have caused you discomfort with too many open questions with no
answer. Only solace I give to myself is that I do not need to know everything in the world.

Feigned, Sometimes hides the truth because truth may be bitter to others.
Feigned, Sometimes lies to make others feel better.
Feigned, Sometimes runs away because reality seems worse than a Horror movie, which doesn’t seem to end.
Feigned, Sometimes acts to protect his interests.
Feigned, Sometimes manages to fool himself because the perfect path is not known.
Feigned, Sometimes thinks others are hiding the truth while knowing there is no way to know it.

Feigned is a mysterious, esoteric , complex and sophisticated person. Scientists have
worked hard years and years in the fields of psychology to study him, yet they have not managed to find much.

I hope Feigned likes his short intro, anyways I wouldn’t know as he would pretend not to have read it.

Daily Prompt: Pretend 



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