Finding Memo

I woke up, everything is normal expect that there is neither bed underneath nor roof on top.I lie in the vast outer space which extends to infinity. Everything is white. What is this place? Is this heaven.

I am not feeling hungry, I try to run and I could run as long as I want without getting tired.This feels spooky so I try to pinch myself, I feel no pain. Now I start to worry. Am I Dead.Why don’t I see anyone here?

I run some more, still nothing. I wait hoping to see a change. Maybe god will appear.

I try to see if I can find a special spot, but everything is same here. I am wearing a white coat, white pants and white boots. Singing loud I run as fast the wind, never ever could I do that on earth.

Who put these clothes on me? They look nice but why is there no mirror. What am I supposed to do here. I understand slowly that this is it. No one is here and nothing is happening except the vastness of the space and my identity expanded to eternity.

All seemed fine, when all of the sudden the alarm set off and I woke up. This time I was in my room on the bed lying next to my mobile trying to memorize what the hell just happened.

Daily Prompt



2017 to Eternity


The year is 2017. Just another year, after this there will be 2018 and then 2019 and then 2020 and so on until in a 5 million years all the fuel in Sun is burnt out and the time would have finally ended for humans unless we found a way out.

Like it or not we all baseline our actions. Another way to put it is compare. Today vs yesterday and today vs tomorrow. Today vs yesterday more often than not produces gratitude or regret and today vs tomorrow produces anxiety or excitement. 

It is more peaceful if today vs yesterday becomes a learning experience and not a ghost of past and today vs tomorrow is hopeful wait than the fear of uncertainty.

1st of Jan is just another day, with a Hope that I am a day more wiser, a day more patient and a  day more balanced.

Happy New Year everyone.

Sharing One of my favorite sketches ( could have been better with little more shading of God Father’s Tux, but thats OK. This is a 2016 sketch so I am hopeful in 2017 my sketches will be more complete or rather I will have more time to make my sketch more complete)

daily prompt

My Rendition of Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin = Ahh.. What a boring day. I have been watching this phone from morning it is showing nothing but the same old stuff. Do you think I need to buy a new phone ?

Hobbes = Can the new phone show all the stuff that your current phone does ?

Calvin = yes of course.

Hobbes = Then you will be bored with the new phone just the same way you are bored with the current phone, probably in much less time than before. You are boring not the phone.

Calvin = You Dumb tiger.

Calvin Hits Hobbes. Plop. Plop. Plop.


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Bitter Sweet

like many people I look for something new time and again to avoid getting stuck. Explore new ways for the same act or make a different act out of same situation. Without this curiosity to change we “Human beings” as a species would not have survived or will not survive the future.

May be I profess too much about change for good. In the hindsight, no matter how good a change can be it is difficult depending on what you are trying to change. Even though I am not a mystic I like to think that Every person has a certain Nature which brings about his/her character. This Nature is innate. Character is built. Character is built with up from childhood through the experiences, the teachings, the environment and may be to a certain extent  the Nature might influence how a character is designed.

Character is most important in a person. Circumstances will change, environment will change. It takes character and resolve to sail through the challenges and make it in one piece. 

A Short story to emphasize what character means.


Year 1936, Karoyl Takacs, Sergeant of Hungarian Army who happens to be a world class pistol shooter is denied an entry to Olympics on the grounds that he is a Sergeant and not an Officer, a Rule at that time in Hungary. 

Lot of people may not know Takacs. Some consider him to be a Olympic Hero a triumph of will ,passion and determination.

Disappointed at the denial of an entry, Takacs continues to train hoping to enter Olympics in the next fall. In 1938, during a routine army training Takacs looses his right hand which was his shooting hand due to the explosion of a faulty grenade. 

Tragic and catastrophic. Was it an Iron will of a Soldier or the Determination to win medal in Olympics I dont know, Takacs decided to shrug off the disappointment of losing his shooting hand by training to shoot with his left hand. Wait a minute this guy spent a month in hospital for the treatment of losing a hand. Shooting is the first thing that comes to his mind in between all of the matters of life ?


Sounds crazy. That is how some people are. This defines their character as a person.Instead of feeling sorry for himself and losing to self pity, Takacs decides to work with what he has than fret what he lost. He starts to train himself to shoot using Left hand. For months Takacs confides himself in isolation training secretly all by himself( I wonder if something like that is even possible in this generation). Some would have thought he is probably grieving in the sorrow of losing a golden opportunity to win a medal for his country. None would have imagined his rather drastic decision. 

1939. Takacs shows up at the Hungarian National Pistol Shooting championship. People came over to him to pay their condolences, they probably thought he has come to watch. They got a shock when they saw he had not come to watch but to compete. Takacs in fact won the championship. 

The Ban for Sergeants to compete in Olympics was lifted. Takacs had high hopes on the Olympics of 1940 . As it stands The Olympic Games scheduled for 1940 and 1944 were cancelled due to the Second World War. Patience. It had been 14 years,still no Olympics no medal. Takacs had to wait.


Finally it came through, 1948 Summer Olympics aged 38, Takacs beat the reigning world champion to win the Gold Medal in 25m rapid fire pistol category and set a world record of that era. He Won gold again in 1952 Summer Olympics. He also participated in the Olympics of 1956 aged 46 and finished 8th. 

Apart from the extraordinary Heroics of Takacs , Few things that struck me the most.

Focus on what you have than what you dont ( We all have seen so many talented athletes and people fall off at the first sign of obstacle, perhaps having a different view would make a change).

Unshakable Commitment towards your goals( Takacs trained for Olympics for a staggering 20 years, half of which he did not compete. He encountered numerous obstacles yet he came through with persistence,patience and Hard work. When Life throws obstacles ,you make you own path.)

Consistency( Had Takacs stopped training he would never have been able to compete aged 38 in the Olympics at such high level).

Finally a Big Thank you Salute to Late Karoyl Takacs, You will continue to live in my Mind and Inspire me every day.

Photo Credits: Google