Tuesday Maxim


From the remote corners of the void that cannot be felt, there comes something devoid of any matter or equivalence, that does not exist and yet that matters everything. Words barely touch the surface of the confounding depth, so deep that the conscious reboots itself when touched by the grace. What can you know, or why do you want to know? To know is an exercise in futility.

Life is now and now is life.

The illusion or reality is the practicality of survival. The real is subterfuge, Maya is the Queen. Waiting every second to mesmerize the puppet and to play him the way she wants. For he is a fool and forever will be, lusting for the immediate gratification.

Be without, for if you can. Castle without king or Queen, built out of nothing.




Every Body Lies and Every Body Dies


Hello everyone ,

Good Evening , Good Morning or Good Afternoon based on your time zone.
Today I will introduce you to my close friend the Feigned.

We both are so close, sometimes I wonder If I am the Feigned. Well thats for others
to decide. After All I cant lie to myself or Can I?

Sorry my friends if I have caused you discomfort with too many open questions with no
answer. Only solace I give to myself is that I do not need to know everything in the world.

Feigned, Sometimes hides the truth because truth may be bitter to others.
Feigned, Sometimes lies to make others feel better.
Feigned, Sometimes runs away because reality seems worse than a Horror movie, which doesn’t seem to end.
Feigned, Sometimes acts to protect his interests.
Feigned, Sometimes manages to fool himself because the perfect path is not known.
Feigned, Sometimes thinks others are hiding the truth while knowing there is no way to know it.

Feigned is a mysterious, esoteric , complex and sophisticated person. Scientists have
worked hard years and years in the fields of psychology to study him, yet they have not managed to find much.

I hope Feigned likes his short intro, anyways I wouldn’t know as he would pretend not to have read it.

Daily Prompt: Pretend 


The Moment


You never know when you lose it, and then it’s gone.

Every now and then regardless of the situation you are in, you need to have a certain mind set and get, what the hell is going on, but all of a sudden you realize you lost it and now you don’t get it.

You are playing football with friends, it pretty serious, you are full of attacking intent and so you push forward. There is a loose ball, and you want to pounce on it but you don’t get it, then the opponent gets the ball on the counter with free on goal chance, yes, that is the at which you feel, oh my gosh.

You are hanging out with friends, everybody is making a joke, suddenly you realize that you are not speaking that much, you think you need to come up with something, and that something turns out to be offensive to someone and that someone continues to argue with you about that for the whole time and spoils the mood for others.


You are working on a problem, you are on full alert and then suddenly there is some noise and you lose it.

You are all calm, listening to music on headphones, standing in elevator and then someone just pushes you off in a rough manner, and you lose it.

You are having this amazing soup and then the mosquito falls onto to, you lose it.

You are sleeping nice, benevolent dreams, some idiot drops a bag on to the floor, and you lose it.

Sipping nice coffee, watching the front garden and then the crow comes and does its business on top of your car, and you lose it.

You are talking to a stranger, all is nice and then he/she makes a sexist joke, and you lose it.

Somebody hurts your feelings and you write on them immediately, and then you lose it.

Driving on the side lane, someone passes by and says something profane, and then you lose it.

You are in an interview, you are asked something you do not know well, you do not want to say no, and then you think, let me take a chance, you go with it, unfortunately, the interviewer is a pundit in that area, you can’t justify and then you lose it.

You are walking down the road in nice sneakers, you stop by for some reason near the grass, you do not realize you accidentally stepped on something gross, and then you lose it. 

Sometimes it’s easy to brush these off, but sometimes it can be very critical. If you are writing an exam and then you lose on one question your exam is screwed. In a surgery, cut the wrong vein, its over. Fixing a rocket and you do not tighten the screw well, 400 million worth of work burst like crackers. You are driving and then you lose on one curve, you are dead. You are flying plane and you lose on one knob then many are dead. You are thinking and then you lose on a nuke and a million are dead.

Be lucky to not lose it when the cost is high, the ultimate cost is always life, whether it’s one or many.

Snake in the Closet


There is never you, there is more of you.

If you were one person, how can you disagree with yourself? Why would you ever be dissatisfied?

Why would you care about the right?

Deep experimentation with mind does not yield answers, it only increases the questions. You can never find an answer to a question that is deep. You compromise, that is all that happens. If I don’t know something, I give myself an easier answer or forget the context. The mind that can create question can also erase it.

The answer is not good enough, the questions never stop. So what do you do? Follow the trend set by the society. Just follow. Do not ask if this is better. It is presumed it is, because you do not have a better philosophy and you have not proved that yet. So just be a good dog and follow the lead.

And then what? There is no other level to go this is it. I see no retrospect. All that is there, is here in front of you and all that isn’t is not meant to be now. You are here and that is all to be there.

If you can coalesce the multiple beings within you. Put them in a jar and mix them. If they can be one then the snakes in the closet will be none.

Daily prompt:


The Man with Best stories


Raining night, sitting on the side of the table, slightly bored, I wanted to strike a conversation with the man on the other table of the restaurant. His eyes were bright, reflecting erudition and experience.

For some reason I don’t know, rather than asking about him, I asked him about his dad and his ancestors. I learnt that his dad was a farmer, his father used to plough all the land by himself. He was very strong, had lot of property and was respected by all people of the community.

I understood that back in his days there was no electricity, they used lamps to light up the place and marriage meant that the girl would be chosen for you from your parents. He was quite courageous. He was the first one to go to school in his community. Learnt a trade and left the village to go work in a town.

His adventures were never few. Once while coming back from the farm, watering the crops, he saw smoke. Smoke from a nearby house. He called his brother, together with 2 pots; they drew as much water from the well and doused the fire. He saved a man’s life.

He said his father did not care much about him. He did all by himself. He was a sell-made man. He worked hard in the city, built a house for himself. Then he retired from the job at city and came back to village built a house there too. I learned that building a house is a big achievement in the community as it indicates wealth and progress.

He tried to give his children, everything he never got. Education, opportunities and a better life.

He was quite superstitious, you thrive with the harmony of all the forces beside you. Ambition, desire and a good heart. He achieved many thing in life, with those qualities.

This is one of most amazing conversation I ever had. I realized sometimes the best stories are not that famous, they are not known to many people and that every one of us has one Grammy award winning script. Question is not who do you ask, it is do you ask?

Daily Prompt

Air No Plane


Year 4040

Captain, engine all clear, speed .8 C, new planet in vision, appearance 80% close to earth and survivability 90%. Roger that, before making a landing lets run through our checklist.

What are our co-ordinates? Round about equator, closer to the Red mountains near the alpine range. The surface is steady can withhold the landing weight and weight of oxygen is sufficient to breathe.

OK. Do we have enough Avatars to launch? We cannot send our brothers down their until it’s verified for human endeavor.

Yes sir, Avatar model 7z is ready to be deployed. Any aberrations and we can abort the mission and fall back to mother ship.

Alright, why the hell are we looking at this planet?

Captain, this planet has a binary star system. Meaning if you were to look at the sky you will see two stars. The brightness is much more than our sun, interesting the atmosphere has different constituents so we will be seeing different colors. Surface gravity is 0.5 g, so people can just jump and fly around. Temperatures are very friendly, very stable year long and perfectly suitable for agriculture. And most important thing is it is an active galaxy full of cosmic explosions. We might get closer to the answers of Big bang here than anywhere.

Well, cooper, you gotta, nice little story there. All signs positive, I am gonna give a shot.

Captain Chambers going for landing in planet acarus, Antares Binary star, wish me luck.

Oh Shit, we have been hit by pass by comet, now we might need a premature landing. Cooper you idiot, your lust for cosmic activity might make you a lost star in the galaxy soon.    

Daily Prompt:

Darling of Media

This will be a series of Hypothetical conversation between the two, who you hoped to hear. With all due respect, this is only meant to be taken as a work of fiction and comedy.

Today its Micheal Jackson and Kurt Cobain

Introduction: Micheal Jackson, is called as king of pop. A prodigy from young age. Explored his talents into dance from singing, something that sounds natural but had never been done before with so much style and vigor that can captivate anyone’s mind for that brief moment. Kurt Cobain, one of the most missed rock star ever. He was one of the pioneer in the grunge seen started in Seattle. His no care, chill out attitude must have irritated many journalists. He did not chase the money nor the fame. May be his uniqueness and passion have him an edge which he rode pretty well until the fall of club 27.



MJ: Hi Kurt,
Kurt: Hi Micheal
MJ: I guess, we both are in heaven
Kurt: Is that what you call this place. Man, this a dump. I cant find my lighter since morning. Do you have one ?
MJ: No Kurt I dont smoke, in fact I hate fire. Its that stupid fire at one of my performances, caused me to go for many surgeries and painkillers
Kurt: Sorry man did not know that


MJ: No problem, So are you doing any gig here ?
Kurt: Oh no, no one seem to like the grunge rock here, I just play for myself
MJ: thats cool, I never understood the lyrics of your famous song ” Smells like teen spirit ” can you explain that to me please
Kurt: ya, I can in two words. Its non sense. I just blabbered some crap to put together a song, it has no meaning.
MJ: As a matter of fact, I do that too
Kurt: You still look quite thin man
MJ: Ya apparently, you remain in the same state as you were at the time of your death
Kurt: thats not true, I had 3 pack of joints in my pocket when I left, none of that was here when I arrived here
MJ: Well, what can I say, I only take prescription drugs, one for sleep, one for head ache, one of loss of appetite , one of nausea and one to remember taking them on time
Kurt: Hey, look man I like to hear from you but I cant start a day without a fag, so I am gonna go out and look for some light
MJ: Fine by me, hopefully will play together sometime, I was tired of playing with Slash anyway. The guys used to take over my show by running his solo longer than expected.
Kurt: Cheers Mj
MJ: Cheers Kurt

Photo credits: Google

Daily Prompt: Fact

Free ticket to wonderland


Ladies and gentleman, today I present to you Elixir of life. A secret untold to place unsold. Far from the treachery of daily chores, slivered with chunks of fantasy lore. 

I know your longings and the deep search for meaning. The might less day and sleep less nights.

With the passing time, you wonder and yonder. What is it? and when is it? How is it?

From the time immemorial, it has been a uphill task for anyone to see beyond the sight but today I will not flinch tight.

Today is the day when your education adds and all your tribulations multiplies to a sum that no one can divide.

Come with me, I will take you there. I will show you the way.

I won’t expect anything thing from you, This is my destiny too.

Its time, lets go

Close your eyes. Feel the air below your nose, so close.

Imagine the light blue ocean in-front , white sand below , green lake to side and tranquility to abide.

Now feel the water below your back, your are floating. Floating with face up to the sun.

That is it. You made it. The beauty of the moment was always with you, all you had to do was change your perspective.

Daily Prompt:



Finding Memo

I woke up, everything is normal expect that there is neither bed underneath nor roof on top.I lie in the vast outer space which extends to infinity. Everything is white. What is this place? Is this heaven.

I am not feeling hungry, I try to run and I could run as long as I want without getting tired.This feels spooky so I try to pinch myself, I feel no pain. Now I start to worry. Am I Dead.Why don’t I see anyone here?

I run some more, still nothing. I wait hoping to see a change. Maybe god will appear.

I try to see if I can find a special spot, but everything is same here. I am wearing a white coat, white pants and white boots. Singing loud I run as fast the wind, never ever could I do that on earth.

Who put these clothes on me? They look nice but why is there no mirror. What am I supposed to do here. I understand slowly that this is it. No one is here and nothing is happening except the vastness of the space and my identity expanded to eternity.

All seemed fine, when all of the sudden the alarm set off and I woke up. This time I was in my room on the bed lying next to my mobile trying to memorize what the hell just happened.

Daily Prompt


2017 to Eternity


The year is 2017. Just another year, after this there will be 2018 and then 2019 and then 2020 and so on until in a 5 million years all the fuel in Sun is burnt out and the time would have finally ended for humans unless we found a way out.

Like it or not we all baseline our actions. Another way to put it is compare. Today vs yesterday and today vs tomorrow. Today vs yesterday more often than not produces gratitude or regret and today vs tomorrow produces anxiety or excitement. 

It is more peaceful if today vs yesterday becomes a learning experience and not a ghost of past and today vs tomorrow is hopeful wait than the fear of uncertainty.

1st of Jan is just another day, with a Hope that I am a day more wiser, a day more patient and a  day more balanced.

Happy New Year everyone.

Sharing One of my favorite sketches ( could have been better with little more shading of God Father’s Tux, but thats OK. This is a 2016 sketch so I am hopeful in 2017 my sketches will be more complete or rather I will have more time to make my sketch more complete)

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